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 I mainly express my concept “自然 ( SHIZEN=Nature)”  in etching . It is also a human figure conflict with nature. They have become like collapsed building by being carved set of points and lines into the cold copper.  And breath of nature marked the end have raise create my world . The strange air and perspective and crushed likely force will be impressed the awe of nature. In particular, in the prisoner series, I express humans as " innocent prisoners " who be defeated by overwhelming power of nature. I remind you the figure of the future of human society, and my works will become to chance of thinking it.

 More than 10 years ago, I moved from the local Yamaguchi to the big cities of Fukuoka and Tokyo in order to go university. I grew up in a natural rich local area and a large city. I think that my aspiration for my hometown led me to the concept that nature and humans are facing.

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